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Battery Specifications

Our 18650 battery specifications:  18650-2200-3.6VEnglishSpecification_new

Triangle pack insides

battery pack-01battery pack-02 battery pack-03



52V15T Battery


Dimensions for 52V15T & 52V20T Batteries


52V 15AH and (Old Style) 52V 20AH Battery Dimensions

48V 20T & 52V 20T Battery Dimensions (new)

48V 20T and 52V 20T Dimensions (new)

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2000W Motor Specifications



Usage: Boat, Car, Electric Bicycle, Fan, Home Appliance, Other
Certification: CE
Type: Gear Motor
Construction: Permanent Magnet
Commutation: Brushless
Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
Speed(Rpm): 300rpm-500rpm
Output Power: 2000w
Efficiency: IE 4
Name: Mac wheel hub motor cassette freewheel ebike motor
Voltage(V): 24v/36v/48v/60v
Rated Speed: 200rpm to 520rpm
Color: black
Application: Ebike
Weight: 3.9kg-4,4kg






Mac Rear Motor

Here is the brief introduction of MAC geared hub motor:


The Mac Motor is a High Power, High Torque, Geared Hub Motor intended for Spoked Bicycle wheels from 16” to700C. Rated Output power is typically between 500 to 2000W depending upon the motor winding selected and the operating voltage. An internal 5:1 planetary gear with clutch is implemented. New stronger Composite Gears are now standard  to ensure a long trouble-free life.

What’s the difference between Mac Hub Motor and  DD Motor?


The gear reduction allows the motor to spin at a higher and more efficient rpm greatly improving the starting torque and hill climbing ability when compared with comparable Direct-Drive motors, whilst also being smaller and lighter than a comparable DD motor. The clutch offers minimal drag when not under power. Unlike the majority of geared motors on the market, the Mac 500W is built for the high-power demands of the US market, not the highly restricted EU market. The slower wound versions could still be used and stay within the EU speed limit, for those requiring more hill climbing ability than the typical 250W motors can offer.





Motor Details





Model  53621HR -CD
Rated Power(W) 2000
Rated Voltage(V) 24/36/48/60
Speed Range(rpm) 160-520
Efficiency (%) >80
Noise(dB) <65
Weight(kg) 4
Gear Ratio 5:1
Dropout size  135mm/170mm
Usage  Rear Hub motor for electric bicycle



  1. High Efficiency and High-Power Handling. It takes a lot to get this Motor Hot!
  2. Strong acceleration and excellent climbing ability.
  3. Disc Brake compatible (front and rear, model specific), 7-speed freewheel, standard 135mm axle width for rear, standard 100mm axle width for front.
  4. Epicyclic Reduction Gear and High Pole Count motor system means more torque and power in a compact and lightweight package.
  5. Clutch ensures effortless riding experience.
  6. Long Life, Maintenance Free, replacement parts readily available with low cost and user serviceable if required.



Outline & Drawings





Rated speed:

6 turn high speed motor – 400rpm loaded at 36V, 520rpm loaded at 48V


6T – 45kph (36v), 65kph (48v)


48V 1000W Motor Specifications

48V 1000W Motor Specifications

52V BMS Replacement

The new 52V BMS is 1 pin less so please refer to the following video on how to remove the extra pin from the connector.