About Us


We are US seller. These are the same 18650 cell based batteries as in the Tesla car.  We check the batteries before selling it. We take the risk from China so you don’t have to. In addition we ship from US so you don’t have to wait for 6 week shipping. Use it for ebike, scooter etrikes.  Battery has 2C BMS and can support 1500w motor.  Look at my feedback I am now top seller of 48v lithium ebike batteries on ebay.

We do 3 step test of each battery.

1. check each battery voltage

2. Check power supply voltage

3. Battery max power run on my Battery load tester

I strongly believe in positive thinking and friendly cooperation.  I work hard to make sure my customers are satisfied even years after the sale.

Battery specs are here http://calibike.com/?page_id=294