72V 2A Lithium ion LiPO Smart Battery Charger

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72V 2A Lithium ion LiPO Battery Charger

72V 84V 20S 2A Lithium ion Battery Charger CC/CV Mode with Wall Socket

Charger Sepc.
1 Auto stop when battery is fully charged.
2 Universal: 110~240V 50~60Hz
3 Built-in Cooling Fan
4 Output: 84V
5 Charging Current: 2A (constant current process)
6 Power: 360W
7 Weight: 1.2Kg, Dimension: 63*90*180mm
8 Charger Shell Material: High Quality Aluminum Case
9 Application: for 20S 84V, 2A Li-ion LiPO Electronic-Bike / Electronic-Scooter Battery Packs.

Charging method
1 Connected to Outlets, LED1 Turns to Red (Power), LED2 is Green
2 Connecting Battery Pack, LED2 Turns Red (is Charging)
3 LED2 Turns Green by Fully Charged.

Charge for Lithium Battery
72V * (3.6V * 20S) Lithium battery
74V * (3.7V * 20S) Lthium battery
84V * (4.2V * 20S) Lithium battery
For 20S Li-ion / Li-Polymer Battery Packs




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