48v, 2000w 40 mph ebike kit

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High RPM motor for the ultimate ebike the 40C3.  40 lb ebike that goes 40 mph and has range of 40 miles

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48v, 2000w geared rear hub motor

  1. Ultra light hub motor 4.3Kg
  2. Geared for good torque
  3. High RPM 410 rpm @36V, 560 rpm at 48v
  4. Quality Alex 700C wheel
  5. High Quality spokes
  6. 1800 watt motor controller
  7. LCD with speed and power settings
  8. Thumb throttle

This is the same motor as in the record setting and world famous 40C3 ebike. 40C3 ebike weighs 40lbs goes 40 mph and has range of 40 miles.  The motor and controller are both very rugged and strong. The motor can easily do sustained burst of 1800 watts (see the video below).  The controller is over specced to provide rugged long lasting service.  This kit is plug and play with color coded wires that go directly into controller.


The 10 step kit installation is below.

  1. Replace rear motor wheel.
  2. Place controller inside triangle bag
  3. Plug the motor into the controller (3 phase color codes wires plug into matching wires of controller)
  4. Plug the hall sensor into the motor hall sensor
  5. Plug the matching throttle and lcd into controller
  6. Mount the throttle and lcd on the bike handlebar
  7. Plug the battery into controller (matching red and black anderson connectors)
  8. Double check wheel nuts and brakes
  9. Turn on Battery and LCD and do Test Run
  10. Zip tie motor, throttle and LCD wires.  Go for test ride. .


High RPM motor for the ultimate ebike the 40C3.  40 lb ebike that goes 40 mph and has range of 40 miles. It works great with the 48V and 52V triangle pack batteries sold by Calibike.  One stop shop for a quality high power motor kit with 90 day USA warranty. Motor speed unloaded is 62 mph.


News Flash: Now with 90 day USA warranty including parts and labor*.

Achtung Alert Warning Caution: I have several in stock and can ship in 2 days but stock varies. Please contact me directly at eBay mail to confirm availability.

Free Ground ship for continental USA only. Well balanced high speed motor kit.1. 2000w geared hub motor2. Cassette hub mount (cassette gears not included)3. Rear motor with Alex DH-24 wheel can take up to 700×28 tires (tires not included)5. 1800W motor controller 6. LCD display and power setting7. Thumb throttle 

US seller.  We check each motor and controller prior to shipment. In addition we ship from US so you don’t have to wait for 6 week shipping. Use it for ebike, scooter etrikes.  Look at my feedback we are now top seller of 48v lithium ebike batteries on ebay.


I strongly believe in positive thinking and friendly cooperation.  I work hard to make sure my customers are satisfied even years after the sale.

See the attached pics of 3 step test of each battery.

  1. check each battery voltage
  2. Check power supply voltage
  3. Battery max power run on my Battery load tester


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Plain English USA Warranty

Warranty includes all parts and labor for a period of 90 days from date of purchase.

Warranty excludes shipping charges.

Warranty excludes battery abuse.

Shipping is only by ground





Model 48V40
Voltage range (V) 52V to 36V
Current: 35AH
Type: Geared hub Motor
Location: Rear Motor
Gears: Cassete mount
Size: 700C
Weight: 4.5 KG (10 lbs motor only)
RPM 560 rpm at 48v
Operational Temperature Range -20C +55C
Storage Temperature Range -30C +7048v40 motorC


Package Content

1 x 48V40 Motor with wheel

1 x 1800 watt Motor controller

1 x LCD display and mode config

1 x Thumb throttle


Read a Calibike battery review at

“Battery: By the time I got back to starting point total distance was 24.7 miles. Display still showed all full bars except the half bar that is at the right side of the icon (961 display) When I got home, the battery took 1 1/2 hrs to fully recharge. I estimate the battery was about 25% depleted with 75% left to cutoff voltage.”

Calibike Battery Endurance Test Review

Read technical report on Calibike 48v15 battery road test with real time Amps and speed

Current vs speed test for a 1.5 year old battery

Below is video of real time run with calibike 48v15 battery and the 48v40 motor.  It includes real time current and power. racing a Toyota truck and I beat it.

Commute video 1: 36mph

My personal fav: first legal ebike ride on I5 (managed to pass a bunch of cars stuck on 5 traffic mess)

Commute video 2: ebike on train

Commute video 3: short run

Commute video 4: ebike 40C3 going 40 mph

commute video 5: 40C3 ebike build undressed

commute video 6: 48 lb ebike build

Commute video 7: stair climb

30c3 on 105E 31 lb ebike does 33 mph Lax to corona (norwalk greenline to metrolink)




Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 8 in
Wheel Size

700C, 26"


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