This is my Trek 3500disc. I am running a Calibike set up. 48 volt with a 20 ah battery. I can go approximately 30+ miles without pedaling, at 20 mph, top speed so far 39.8 mph (before the snow got here). This was my first try and currently building number two. This time a Kona full suspension bike. This Trek 3500 is my daily rider and just recently added fenders and studded snow tires. Last week I was riding in about 20 degrees f. and no problems . Today I rode around in 8 inches of snow and powered right through it. I highly recommend Calibike , and Rafe is the best. Great attention to customers needs. …… This is a copy of my ad on Craigslist Kalispell Mt.
I am starting to build ebikes and besides selling some, I am wanting to talk to others in the Flathead, about their attempts and success, and what systems they are using. I am looking for others to ride with, any age or ability is cool. I am currently running a set up that goes 35 miles, @ 18 mph. Hit the number II setting and it goes 28 mph….. III rd speed, 39.8 mph. I can show you how or do it for you. Here is the current bike I ride and I am building another with the same frame only bigger.
email to swap phone numbers. Halectric.