30c3 Ebike

30 mph & 30 miles range.

This ebike has a range of 30 miles, with a top speed of 30mph and a weight of 30 lbs. or 30 cubed.

4 operating modes:

  1. All compliant underpowered road bike.
  2. EU compliant 20mph max speed.
  3. California compliant 28mph max speed.
  4. Turbo mode 33 mph speed.


Calibike is a renowned supplier of electric bikes or ebikes, ebike batteries and accessories. Electric bikes are normal bikes with a small motor assist.

Lightweight and energy efficient

Very easy to carry up stairs and into subways and buses.

Q: Can I build my own ebike?

A: Yes you can and you should. Find all the parts and instructions on calibike.com. We offer motors, controllers and batteries. Everything for the DIY enthusiast!

Q: Will I save transit time?

A: Absolutely. In dense metropolitan areas you can save hours with an ebike instead of sitting around in traffic jams in your car.

“30C3 is pound for pound the most efficient transportation system in the world. If you scale to a car it would mean a 2500 lb car goes 2500 mph with a range of 2500 miles while carrying a load of 3 times its weight.”

Design Elements

The design includes many minor items to make easy transportation.

  1. Light weight still a road bike.
  2. 60T front chain ring.
  3. 1000 watt 3 kg motor.
  4. 52v10 520 watt hour battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your motor size

A: 1000 watts

Q: What is battery size

A: 52v 10AH

Q: Why do you have a 60T front chain ring

A: Its a hybrid combines human and Motor power

Q: What is lowest  rear gear

A: Lowest rear is 11T (60/11 means 5.5 gear ratio) Allows for pedaling at max speeds

Q: What size controller

A: 1000 watt controller with peak power of 1500W

Q: What is voltage of front and rear lights

A: Front and rear are both run off main battery (52v)

Q: What kind of tires in front and rear

A: Continental gatorskins flat resistant

Q: What kind of Tubes

A: Extra heavy duty flat resistant

Q: What kind of brakes

A: V brakes Same stopping power as disk brakes but lighter.

Q: What kind of periodic service needed

A: Check and adjust brakes every 2000 miles.  Change brake pads every 4000 miles Change tires every 6000 miles.

Q: What kind of warranty

A: 90 day parts and labor excluding shipping

Customer Ebike of the Month

This ebike was built by Harold. See what he has to say:

“This is my Trek 3500disc. I am running a Calibike set up. 48 volt with a 20 ah battery. I can go approximately 30+ miles without pedaling, at 20 mph, top speed so far 39.8 mph (before the snow got here). This was my first try and currently building number two. This time a Kona full suspension bike. This Trek 3500 is my daily rider and just recently added fenders and studded snow tires. Last week I was riding in about 20 degrees f. and no problems . Today I rode around in 8 inches of snow and powered right through it. I highly recommend Calibike , and Rafe is the best. Great attention to customers needs. …… This is a copy of my ad on Craigslist Kalispell Mt.
I am starting to build ebikes and besides selling some, I am wanting to talk to others in the Flathead, about their attempts and success, and what systems they are using. I am looking for others to ride with, any age or ability is cool. I am currently running a set up that goes 35 miles, @ 18 mph. Hit the number II setting and it goes 28 mph….. III rd speed, 39.8 mph. I can show you how or do it for you. Here is the current bike I ride and I am building another with the same frame only bigger.

New 3000w 72V18 BATTERY

Introducing our most powerful battery yet: this 72v 3000w battery is for the most powerful of ebikes with 72v controllers.

1. Heavy duty 2 Amp charger
2. Anderson power pole connector output
3. Spare anderson power pole connector cable
4. 3C BMS which can output 72V18A for 1 hour or 72v 36a for 30 minutes or 72v 50a for 20 minutes.

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By Warren

I have had some bad luck with foreign batteries

I have had some bad luck with foreign batteries. This one is great. High quality and customer service was IMPECABLE ! Assembled and sold right here in the US.


Message from: tikij39

Hi, I bought A 48 V years Ago From you, and that was A very Good Battery, Sence I’ve had Bad Luck with China Batteries, The 48 Volt here has A Charging Port on top, and I have A Custom Case I built on My Basman Strech Cruiser, I wouldn’t be Able to get to the Charging Port, Do you Guys have A Blue Wraped 48v 15 AMP H? If so can you put it up for Sale for me to buy?

By Don

I bought one of your battery’s a little over a year ago love the out put and power , How ever the breakers you put in them are junk ! I had to take out the cheap breaker and I put a 40 amp fuse in place of it just to ride I through the original breaker in the trash where it belongs ..


Hi don
The breaker is from solar industry. I put in because many chinese controllers are unreliable and overload the battery. My thinking was better the fuse than the bms. I do appreciate the feedback. We now have a customer album to showcase customer builds if u get a chance put your build on there. Its at calibike.com

By spunrubbermat

Highest commitment to quality

I use my e-bike for daily transportation (16 mile round trip; 6000 miles to date) and needed a battery with more capacity than my 48v-10ah battery. This battery in the triangular bag works great; fits my bike frame perfectly, and it’s a much better balanced setup than my previous rear rack mounted batteries. Rafe at Calibike provides prompt service; knowledgeable answers and great communication any time I have a question or need assistance. The battery I purchased gives me a 25 mile range (in heavy winds and without using pedal assist mode). Warranty is local (USA) and Rafe works hard to give the best customer service. I am extremely satisfied with this battery and the excellent customer service provided by Rafe.

By Brett

Best ebike battery around

Very satisfied with my purchase. Great customer service as well! Thanks Rafe!