20161020_173219 40C3_R2 (2) 2014-03-17_14-08-28


Hardware components:
one 20C3 semi fixie bike 8Kg
8 kg
× 1
One triangle pack battery 48v15 4.5 kg
4.5 kg
× 1
One mac motor in a 6T winding on rear 700c wheel with 11t 7 speed rear gear 4.5 KG
4.5 kg (make sure it is a 6T winding w Infinenon motor controller w 12x 3077 fets and thumb throttle)
× 1
Worlds first ebike legal ride on 5 freeway (40C3 40 lb 40 mph mi range ebike) Bike speed and telemetry contained in closed caption.Riding on side of freeway was lots of crud junk and pot holes. Still passed many cars up hill accellerate to 30+ downhill peaked at 42 before i got scared and backed off. Crud and rough trail made me nervous..https://youtu.be/4jGRhP1UEgQ40C3 is pound for pound the most efficient transportation system in the world. If you scale to a car it would mean a 2500 lb car goes 2500 mph with a range of 2500 miles. And don’t forget the 40C3 does 40 mph while carrying a 200 lb load.40C3 at rest waiting for train

waiting for metrolink